Mortec Inc. offers a complete line of mold building services, including part design thru mold design to actual mold construction. And can perform secondary operation, assembly and decorating when needed.  With the supports of the most up to date CAD/CAM/CAE system in our R&D team, we are able to create and analyze the part design files, and then turn them into a solid mold design ready for CNC machining.

Our Capabilities Include :
- Product Design
- Mold Design
- Reverse Engineering
- Mold Flow Analysis
- Tooling
- Plastic Injection Molding
- Insert Molding
- Overmolding

The followings are the file types manageable at our end :
2D Geometry

- .dwg
- .pdf
- .dxf
3D Geometry
- .sldprt (Solidworks)
- .prt
- .igs
- .stp
- .x_t (Parasolid)

We can provide prototyping options including Machined Prototypes, SLA/SLS, Prototype Soft tooling, to validate your components if the parts are still in the development stage or not ready for production tooling.

It is our goal that each mold is designed to run efficiently and productively with minimum maintenance costs. And we offer our customers a one-stop shop for their injection molding needs.

We are your partner for total plastic solution for tooling and molding. Please contact us for any question or inquiry, we will work with you on the most effective solution for your product needs.