About us

Mortec Inc. is a professional engineering company well versed in tool making industry requirements for a wide range of products and services, including automotive, lighting, pharmaceutical, electronic and electrical connectors, located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Throughout the years, we have been recognized as one of the best tool makers among the industry, every one of our members is well-experienced and knowledgeable with plastic injection molds and plastic materials and mass production. Especially the mold with full vacuum hardened steel and hot runner system and mirror polishing …etc.

With the highly skilled team and state-of-the-art facilities, Mortec has been building quality molds with the complex mechanisms, such as side action, collapsible core, pull down lifter, stripper plate, unscrewing mechanism …etc.  We follow the international mold standards to build each individual mold treating as artistry.

We strive to provide our Customers with a product / mold which consistently meets specifications in every respect with the objective of fitness, performance, reliability and safety for use, with excellence in workmanship, on-time delivery, superior quality and outstanding customer service.

We are continuously upgrading and expanding to meet customers’ needs, hoping to working with you and fulfilling your mold / plastic requirements.